Design a membership plan that fuels growth and scales with your practice

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Offer your patients something better than insurance.

Unlock your earning potential and empower uninsured patients with access to the care they need, paving the way for recurring revenue and increased patient loyalty - all without insurance. 

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Stable recurring revenue you can forecast

Here's a real example of a Membersy DSO partner with 150 locations:

Total patients
Services rendered per patient

Gross revenue
Total patients
Services rendered per patient

Gross revenue

Take control of your revenue

Insurance companies have kept dentists and patients stuck in a complex and expensive system for far too long.

✔️ Set your own prices

✔️ Your revenue, right away

✔️ Simplified billing process

Attract and retain patients

A dental membership plan provides uninsured patients the treatment they need at a price they can afford, increasing the likelihood that they'll continue with necessary check-ups and cleanings on an ongoing basis. 

✔️ Offer patients transparent pricing

✔️ Multiple enrollment methods

✔️ Marketing assets & campaigns 

Increase per-patient revenue

Our easy billing and renewal features mean consistent cash flow and increased revenue per patient. We take the hassle out of collecting payments so you can concentrate on giving your patients quality care. 

✔️ Automated billing & payment

✔️ Keep 100% of services rendered

✔️ 2.5x treatment acceptance rates

Everything you need, backed by experience you can trust

Regulatory Compliance

Not all plan administrators treat compliance the same. At Membersy, we ensure air-tight compliance for all of our partners, no matter your location.

Brand & Marketing Support

To make promoting your plan easier, our team will build and design a dedicated membership plan site and branded print collateral for use in your offices.

Dedicated Account Manager

A plan expert who understands the specifics of your plan will work closely with you for the lifetime of your account to keep your revenue trending upwards.

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