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Fuel practice growth with a complete dental membership plan solution

Start and scale a successful dental membership plan with Kleer and Membersy. Transform your revenue model, while providing patients an accessible option for dental care.

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Expert strategy & support

Gain strategic guidance on how to transform your revenue through membership. From tailored plan design to office education, member support, marketing, and beyond, we apply a combined 20+ years of experience to help you reach your most important goals.

Integrated software

The right membership software should fit within your team’s workflow and make it easy to gather insights. The Kleer and Membersy platform will integrate with your practice management system to save your team time, connect your key metrics, and grow your plan.

Comprehensive regulatory compliance

Running a non-compliant plan could grind your growth to a halt. Kleer and Membersy ensure your plan has the necessary discount medical plan operator (DMPO) licensure and meets all requirements to keep your plan in good standing.

Implement with ease

Count on Kleer and Membersy to guide you through every step of the process — from a seamless implementation to a thriving member base.

Gain trust in treatment

Provide uninsured patients with an affordable option for necessary care. Your plan is your go-to tool for increasing case acceptance.

Reach your goals

Develop a revenue stream independent of changes in insurance. As your plan grows, so will your loyal patient base.

Ready to join 20,000+ dentists using Kleer and Membersy to turn their membership plan into a scalable growth engine?